How to Win at Evil Hunter Tycoon: A Comprehensive Guide

The launch of Evil Hunter Tycoon has been met with a lot of enthusiasm from players. Its distinctive game-play leaves many with a feeling of insignificance as they are uncertain of how to progress rapidly. However, we are glad you discovered this guide! Here, you will find out all that you need to know.

Constructing an Established Basis: Primary Strategies and Diamond Assets Investment

Once you set off on your journey as a hunter, it is paramount to make a good start. Our advice for a successful beginning is to recruit five Berserkers right away. Additionally, use the game tutorial to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics and to make progress without a hitch. It is advisable to keep an appropriate amount of resources like oranges, flour, linen, leather, magic powder, wood, ore, and more, in order to have a sufficient supply to meet your demands in later stages of the game.

In Evil Hunter Tycoon, diamonds are your most valuable asset and making wise investments with them can be beneficial. To begin with, think about using some of your diamonds to get two vampire bats. These pets will be invaluable to you in the beginning of the game, helping you in your hunting endeavors.

Maximizing the Ability of Berserkers: Gear, Exercises, and Enhancements

The success of your hunting squad hinges on the Berserkers, known for their strength and ability. To maximize their effectiveness, it is essential to give them appropriate training. In the pre-Austerity stage, make sure your main Berserker is outfitted with a first-class orange-grade weapon like the Burning Sword. Additionally, make sure to find your Berserkers the best personality traits, since these can have a major influence on their performance.

The proper equipment is essential in order to increase the power of your Berserkers. We advise you to use the Burning Sword, Lucky Armor, Valkyrie Gloves, and Wind Shoes. The Lucky Armor has a significant effect on the rate of obtaining the Cyclops’ Eye and Vampire Essence, which are needed to advance your Berserkers. As you move on to tougher levels, you should strive to acquire similar sets of equipment to replace the ones you previously had.

Increasing the potency of the equipment being used by your Berserkers is vital to making them more powerful. Start by enhancing their weapons to +10, but be more lenient with the other gear. If you want to further empower your Berserkers, enhance their armor to +10 too. Don’t expend too much energy and resources in the enhancement process. Once you’ve advanced to the Expert level, you may want to boost the orange-grade equipment to +15 to extend the power of your Berserkers.

Gaining Expertise and Qualities

It is essential to have command over several abilities and characteristics if one wants to be successful in life. These aptitudes and characteristics can range from technical and practical skills to unique traits such as learning how to communicate effectively and being organized. Each skill and trait can be improved through practice and experience. Achieving mastery in all of these areas is what will lead to success.

The abilities and attributes of your Berserkers have a huge effect on their battle performance. Focus on enhancing those skills as you move through each difficulty level. If you are in the Austerity stage, we suggest allocating points to Double Attack first, followed by 4 Defense, 2 Double Attack, 1 Lightning, and 1 Attack Speed. This will ensure your warriors are tough to beat and cause a lot of damage.

Exploring Subterranean Labyrinths

Venturing through underground dungeons can be a daunting task.

Tackling a subterranean labyrinth can be a formidable challenge.

Exploring subterranean labyrinths can pay off handsomely, yet it is essential to proceed with caution. Taking a hasty approach is not recommended; rather, wait until you reach the next level of difficulty and then designate a Berserker to tackle the dungeon on their own. That way, there is no need to deploy your whole team. Don’t forget to grab the gemstone prizes when you go to choose your dungeon from the selection menu.

Maximizing Earnings as a Hunter

For those who make their living as hunters, there are a few ways to maximize their income and make the most of their career. To do so, they should consider both the direct and indirect sources of income they can earn. Direct income is the money that is received from the sale of the hunted game, while indirect income is earned from selling hunting-related merchandise or services. Furthermore, hunters can also look into obtaining sponsorships from companies that manufacture hunting-related products. This can provide them with an additional source of income that supplements their hunting endeavors.

For hunters, making money is an important part of the activity. Knowing which strategies are the most effective for generating revenue is essential for success. In Evil Hunter Tycoon, there are multiple ways to increase your funds and create a flourishing hunting business.

Creating and selling potions is an effective way to bring in money. The benefit of this is that there is no waiting period for the product to cool down, meaning that it can be produced and sold constantly. Gathering the components required to make a substantial number of potions is essential since they usually sell quickly, thus providing continuous revenue. Monitoring the marketplace and adapting your production to the demand is also important.

Bandages, while they do have a cooldown period and are cheaper than other items, can provide a supplementary revenue source. They don’t generate money as quickly as potions do, so they should be seen as an additional way to make money.

It is not advised to stockpile food items, such as those that are designed to replenish energy, unless there is a specific need for them. These items are not particularly valuable on the market and are more useful when consumed personally or sold in small amounts.

Generating income through the production of equipment can be a riskier proposition due to the variability of its value. It is not often that an item of equipment will have a high enough price to make it worth the effort. It is advised to be aware of items that may have a high value and to concentrate on producing them when the market is beneficial. Additionally, it is important to remember that one cannot simply sell such equipment and needs to put in additional effort in terms of both advertising and pricing.


Investing a great deal of time is a necessity when playing Evil Hunter Tycoon. Diamonds are a major part of the game, and earning money is fundamental. However, many players will not persist due to the lack of an offline auto-battle feature. If you are a fan of this game, don’t fret! You can bridge the gap by using the Redfinger Android emulator. Link

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