What are Different Betting Options in Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League, most commonly referred to as IPL, has emerged as a hotbed for betting, both legal and illegal. Though some countries strictly prohibit offline betting because it always leads to a parallel economy that becomes a breeding ground for unlawful activities on a massive scale, they have quite a liberal outlook about online gambling on the legal betting sites. 

IPL tournament appeals to players and fans for its fast-paced matches among other factors. Naturally, gamblers consider such a large crowd-pulling tournament as the Golden Goose for lucrative earning. Placing bets without understanding IPL betting options does not sound sensible. To enhance the chance of winning, you must assess the risk factors, betting options and odds. 

In this blog post, we will discuss various IPL India cricket betting options so that you can choose the most suitable one for striking your bets on. 

1. Match Winner

Predicting the winner of the match is one of the most choicest betting options in IPL. You have to predict the team that you believe will come off with flying colors in a particular match. You should analyze the team’s form and performance statistics for an informed decision. If analysis is based on statistics, it often works.

  1. Total Runs/Total Wickets 

For gamblers who are more interested in team performance rather than individual achievements, total runs or total wickets is a good option to bet on. However, it could be an intriguing choice. You can place bets on whether total runs in a match will be more or less than a certain figure or on the total number of wickets fall  in a particular match. 

  1. Top Scorer/Top WicketTaker 

Most gamblers, especially the newbies, are more interested in placing bets on predicting individual performances. You can place your bets on whether an individual player will smash a century in a match or how many runs he will pile up in the tournament. 

Simpliarly, bets can also be placed on whether your favorite bowler will perform a hattrick or end up becoming the highest wicket taker in the tournament. 

Moreover, you can also place bets on other player-specific performances such as, the number of sixes, boundaries or the player who will hit first six or take the first wicket in a match. 

4. Man of the Match

Who will be declared “Man of the Match?” This is an exciting option to place your bets on, allowing you to predict the stand-out performer in the specific match. You can also predict the Man of the Tournament, based on your observations of players’ individual performance in group matches. 

  1. Innings Runs

Predicting a team’s total score in a match is another exciting option to explore for betting. You should carefully analyze the pitch condition, your favorite team’s batting lineup and other factors to make an informed prediction on the total run they are likely to score in the match.

These are some of the diverse options in IPL betting. Each option has its own set of odds and opportunities. You should make proper analysis of teams, players and other conditions to make educated betting decisions.  

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IPL Betting: Gather Knowledge As Much As You Can 

To be successful in IPL gambling, you must acquire information as much as you can about the tournament. Understanding the rules of the matches is the first thing to start with. Collect information about each individual player, both new and experienced.

Many star players, from India and abroad, play in the tournament as their earning from the IPL is pretty lucrative. They have already proven their mettle in the domestic and international arenas of cricket. Check their individual statistics, current performance, and injury updates before the tournament kicks off. You will be able to make an educated guess of how they are likely to perform. 

Pitch conditions also make a significant impact on a match result or an individual player’s performance. Heavy rains can dampen the outfield, slowing the ball down and preventing boundaries. Fielders and bowlers find it difficult to have a firm grip on the ball since it’s wet. As a result,  rain usually favors the batsman.

Knowing all these including the minor details will help you place your bets more wisely, thereby increasing your chance of winning. 

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Responsible Gambling

Regardless of whatever betting option you choose, you must set up a budget and must not exceed it. IPL betting is really thrilling and rewarding only if you practice ‘responsible gambling’.

These days, you have a slew of cricket betting apps. It is easy to download an app and use the same. However, not all betting apps are made equal. Some are legal and safe to use whereas the rest of them are designed to sneak peak into your personal information and steal it. Hence, understanding the differences between licensed apps and malicious ones is also a part of responsible gambling.

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