IPL Betting: 5 Tips for Beginners to Play like a Pro

IPL fever is touching a new height with every passing year. Fans feel super excited as soon as the tournament kicks off.. This year, the tournament ended in May. However, talks about the tournament still refuse to die down. 

We all know what makes IPL the most electrifying cricket league of the world – fast-paced matches, new talents, and star players’ brilliant performance. And of course, cheering crowds and dancing divas add to the colors and dramas of the matches that always hold surprises at every turn. Amidst all the colors and cheers, talents and twists, success and failure that define the big tournament, IPL betting is often one aspect less talked about, at least in the mainstream media. 

Cricket betting is not a new thing. It is practiced in many parts of the world. However, engaging with local bookies for betting is illegal in many countries. Is there any alternative option for the betting enthusiasts? Well, they can surely use a reliable T20 betting app to try their luck. 

Online betting has emerged as a safer choice. There are a number of legal, licensed betting sites and apps that promise safe betting. And yes, they are true to their promise. These apps and sites have become the latest go-to places for IPL betting. If you are a beginner in betting, here are 5 tips to help you enjoy a safe and successful betting experience. 

Choose a trustworthy betting site: You should start your betting journey by choosing a reliable betting site. Beginners should be more cautious while choosing a site as chances are high that they may get distracted by the pompous claims on some dubious betting platforms. Take your time to check reviews and ratings of different betting sites. 

Many professional gamblers share useful tips on how to choose a reliable betting website. Read these tips and make your own decision.

A good betting site or app must feature a user-friendly interface and provide great customer support. It should have good reviews from its users. The more you check different betting sites/apps, the more information you will be able to gather. It will reduce the risks of choosing an illegal or dubious site/app.

Gather more information about IPL teams and players: Contrary to what many people keep on parroting, betting is not just about luck. When it comes to IPL betting, you must know the ins and outs of the game rules, teams and players. Without the basic knowledge, even the most experienced gambler will lose his bet.  

It’s always better to know the background and performance of every team and player in previous IPL tournaments. It’s needless to say that you should stay updated about the T20 points table. Knowing all these will help you make a smarter move while placing bets on IPL matches, players or anything else related to the tournament. 

Choose a safe way for betting: The first condition of online betting is to download an app or visit a site and create an account on it. For example, after 96in.com app login, you have to create your account on the app. Once it is done, you are ready to go. 

However, all online betting sites will require you to put some money into your account for use. Therefore, choose a suitable payment method. Many reliable apps are easily available. Using any of these apps will make it easy to bet online. 

Know when to stop: Safe betting is not a utopian idea if you know when to call it a day.  All we suggest is responsible gambling. Setting the limits as per your ability is important to make betting a pure fun. 

It is up to you to decide how much money you are comfortable using for betting. It is even better to set limits on your accounts daily or monthly. This will help you enjoy the fun of betting while still staying in control. 

Temptation is a big distraction for betters. Many of them tend to cross their limits. Therefore, you should stop betting once you reach your limit. 

After 96 login, set the limit and stick to it. Don’t bet beyond your limit; you will end up being ruined. 

Understand and assess the risk: Betting makes your IPL watching more exciting. However, you must not consider betting as a surefire way to make a fortune. 

There is a risk of losing, just like in other games. Hence, you should accept the fact that winning and losing are parts of betting. Winning a bet is definitely great, but losing it will not be the end of your world. 

Whatever happens, take it with good grace. Graceful acceptance of loss will help you make the most of the thrill and fun that IPL and betting offer together. 

Happy Betting to You All!

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